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Press Release

LightSpeed Learning Shatters the Limits of Workforce Training with Team Tools Interactive™
Vancouver, Washington – LightSpeed Learning, the leader in team training, announces the immediate availability of Team Tools Interactive™, a series of 15 network delivered team skill training modules. Anticipation for the release of Team Tools Interactive has been gaining since completion of testing at Quaker Oats and Beatrice Foods.
"We are thrilled to use Team Tools Interactive as a new software tool in preparing our teams for the online commerce arena," states Simon McPherson, Finance Manager for Sabre Group. "It is tremendous training for our call center staffs, and the online course management system allows us to work seamlessly with other Sabre centers and managers. Team Tools Interactive will take e-learning to another level."
Team Tools Interactive is the advanced generation, interactive version of its popular Team Tools™ training courses. Team Tools Interactive incorporates audio, video and interactive scenarios into a complete training package that actively teaches team skills. “After 12 years in the team training and consulting business we are proud to launch Team Tools Interactive," explains Mike Hunter, President of LightSpeed Learning, "Its effective blending of technology, instruction, and entertainment takes us to a leadership position in electronic 'Soft Skills' training.”
Team Tools Interactive delivers the following advantages over traditional training:
• Cost model that is up to 80% less than classroom training.
• Adapts to each participants learning level - classes are not forced to operate at the “lowest common denominator”.
• Training time is reduced by up to 50% - without the disruptions and delays associated with a classroom, Team Tools Interactive can accomplish the training in a fraction of the time.
• Online team assessments.
• Decreased training management and administration.
• Support of virtual teams and consistency of training.

Product Description
Team Tools Interactive is the “best-in-class” computer based training series that addresses team skills and competencies through the use of high quality audio, video and interactive scenarios. There are currently 15 modules addressing all aspects of team skill training:

• Creating a Team Charter
• Team Communications Basics
• Building a Collaborative Team
• Managing Team Conflict
• Making Group Decisions
• Using Principles & Guidelines
• Giving & Receiving Feedback
• Facilitating Team Interactions
• Goal Setting and Measuring Results
• Managing Team Performance
• Planning for Action
• Selecting Team Members
• Team Problem Solving
• Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
• Working with Your Supply Chain

Pricing and Availability
LightSpeed Learning Team Tools Interactive is available immediately worldwide. Pricing is based on a per user license, and is also available under an innovative monthly subscription plan. Customers can contact LightSpeed Learning directly at 1-888-428-0408 or email info@lslearning.com for details.

About Lightspeed Learning Incorporated
LightSpeed is an internationally recognized leader in change management consulting and training material development. LightSpeed provides the experience, expertise, and deep understanding of people and processes that organizations need to realize their potential. Our Team Tools and Leader Skills courses have successfully trained over 80,000 participants in many different businesses and environments. To find out more about LightSpeed Learning visit their website: www.teamtools.com.






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