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      LightSpeed offers standard and customized courses in Leader Skills, Team Tools, Change Leader/Agent, and Breakthrough Work Design. The training can be tightly integrated into a classic Six-Step Process created for Workplace Transformations. All LightSpeed courses can be delivered on an as-needed/when-needed basis, minimizing impact on personnel. We design modules so they do not have to be delivered in any particular sequence; each fulfills requirements of a particular skill and builds to a successful whole. LightSpeed Learning courses have been successfully used by many organizations and are a favorite of third-party training groups.

LightSpeed training courses can be delivered by our trainers, through a growing network of community colleges, or by your own staff. Our goal is to give you real flexibly in your training design. Our proven methods reduce costs, adapt to complex schedules, and can reach far-flung locations while ensuring effective training throughout your organization. For example, consider Team Tools Interactive™, a network based interactive training series based on our best-selling Team Tools courses. Its network based design and result-tracking enables individual members to advance their skills whenever time permits.

Our customers have ranged in size from small leasing outfits to commercial aircraft manufacturers. We have worked with diverse industries, such as food processing, healthcare, defense, financial services, aerospace, airline reservation systems, tractor manufacturers, and many more. LightSpeed Learning products have proven successful in every type of organizations






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