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      "Team Tools Interactive enables us to achieve all our training goals without scheduling overtime or hiring new folks. It's available 24 hours, seven days a week, so that people can control the training. It does not require us to schedule training or a trainer, and the employees really do opportunistically take advantage of that."

Steve Bruner, Plant Manager, Quaker Oats, Danville.


      LightSpeed Learning, internationally recognized change management leader, created Team Tools Interactive. Why would a company successful in on-site consultation develop top-notch training that organizations can use themselves? Three good reasons: One, logistics - Team Tools Interactive makes it easy for even the most time-stressed organizations to receive comprehensive training – even if they are widely separated by locations and time zones. Two, consistency - your organization benefits most when all team members receive the same information in the same format. Consistency is hard to maintain with traditional training models. Three, self-reliance - Lightspeed Learning thrives on the philosophy that our role is to help your organization become self-reliant. Team Tools Interactive encourages self-reliance.

      To see a successful high-performance organization in action is to see the poetry of teamwork. Differing personalities reach a consensus rather than splinter into factions. Clear, frank communication replaces obscurity. Meetings increase productivity, saving valuable time. All ideas, from all sources, receive serious consideration. Shrewd decision-making happens close to the source of the work. A clear sense of purpose keeps everybody focused.

      However, it’s never a simple task to steer an organization toward a new direction. You need to understand the dynamics of successful high-performance organizations, to acquire the skills necessary to create these dynamics in your own work place. You need extensive planning to transition from the old way into the new. You need to anticipate all future challenges.

      Team Tools Interactive, a computer-based training program, covers everything you need to know—all the what’s, why’s, where’s, when’s and how’s. This comprehensive, astute package combines tried-and-true learning techniques with sophisticated modern educational tools. The program narrator serves as your personal teacher, allowing you to get one-on-one attention.

      The fifteen modules add up to a comprehensive, accumulative learning system, yet each single module is complete and self-contained in itself. Team members can learn the entire system and/or concentrate on the modules most important to their own development. The computer based, study-on-your-own format allows teams to coordinate their schedules for the best use of resources. As the team grows, new members can easily catch up with the rest of the team.

      Traditional education models make it difficult to successfully straddle the line between simplicity and complexity. With this self-paced program, the user controls the learning speed.






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