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      As a manager, you have determined the need for quality team skill training for your work teams. Now your choice is down to two factors: whose material do you use and what format will it be delivered in? We believe that the track record of our Team Tools product is second to none, and that the Team Tools Interactive training system provides the advantages of multimedia learning technologies while signifi-cantly reducing cost and logistical problems.

Why Team Tools Interactive™?

      Team Tools Interactive is the advanced generation, interactive version of Team Tools - incorporating audio, video and interactive scenarios into a complete training package that actively teaches team skills. The retention rate of multimedia based instruction was found to be 80% by a landmark 1984 Harvard School of Education study. Compare this to the 10% retention rate of traditional classroom training. In addition to the increased retention rate, Team Tools Interactive has a substantial list of significant advan-tages over tradional classroom training, including:

  • A cost model that is 50-80% less than classroom training.
  • Requires minimal logistical support - there are no facilitators or classrooms required.
  • Adapts to each participants learning rate - classes are not forced to operate at the “lowest common denominator”
  • Training time is reduced by 50% - without the questions, disruptions and delays associated with a classroom, Team Tools Interactive can acomplish the training in 40 hours versus the 80 hours required of paper based Team Tools.
  • Our exclusive online administration and management system facilitates online assessments, interactions and comparisons over the team and the organization.
  • Decreased training management time. Simply log on to our online system and view the current team status - know who has completed the course, where the remaining members are in the course and the results of pre and post assessments.
  • Support of virtual teams and consistency of training. The information received by the member in Dallas is the same information received by the member in Los Angeles.





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