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How Team Tools Interactive™ Works

A Virtual World of Guided Experience: State of the art graphic design, animation and video give Team Tools Interactive an engaging quality. This learning program takes you to a frenzied sports arena, leads you on an archaeological dig, places you in the perils of an Alaskan avalanche, and drops you right into the heart of bustling work places. Additionally, you'll explore a maze and navigate an adventure video game.

Assessments: Each module gives teams and team members a chance to assess their knowledge and abilities. The bar-graph results gauge where they are so that they can easily see what they need to accomplish.

Step-by-Step Processes: Learning new methodology can be daunting: so much information, so much to forget. These outlines make it easy to understand how they can apply what they learn directly to their team’s situation.

Tips & Techniques: These bits of wisdom draw on the experience of our master consultants. We're experienced the same challenges and worked out effective solutions. Often they'll be just what your team needs to know at critical points in the change process.

Definition of Terms: Having a shared vocabulary eliminates misunderstandings. Knowing exactly what the words mean gives team members the ability to identify and discuss subtle concepts, like "task" and "relationship."

Illustrations: To make sure that your team will grasp new concepts and applications, real life work place scenarios are featured in each module

Worksheets: Easy-to-print-out worksheets help the team stay focused on what they have learned. Designed by experienced trainers, they make it simple to follow Team Tools Interactive methods.

Team Toolkit: These handy compendiums of techniques make it easy to find solutions to common problems. Each module deals with typical issues and obstacles teams encounter when tackling that module's specific content.

Reviews: Thorough reviews test your comprehension and take you back to the right section when you need further study.

Summary: Each module's summary goes over the highlights and helps you remember the concepts.






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