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Breakthrough Work Design

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Breakthrough Work Design Overview
AB518-1 Breakthrough Work Design - Immersion
BT-101 Breakthrough Work Design - Orientation
AB518-2S Overhead PowerPoint Set - BTWD Orientation
AB518-3S Overhead PowerPoint Set - BTWD Immersion
TM545 Breakthrough Work Design Orient Trainer Manual

Breakthrough Work Design Overview

     Teams, departments and companies are managing operations in a time of unprecedented change. New technologies are enabling faster and greater levels of communications and a geometric growth in compute power. This in turn is providing more people access to expanded information, at increasing speed, in all fields of work. For organizations this represents a pressing need to encompass increased rates of change into their work designs. In an age of very short information life, an organization must ensure that it has a high ability to adapt to change. Breakthrough Work Design is a methodology, presented in workshop form, that teaches groups to incorporate change into their work systems. This program recognizes that the past success of an established paradigm creates deeply entrenched patterns of work. These patterns effectively block out new ideas and concepts and keep an organization stuck-with-out of date work systems. Breakthrough Work Design penetrates these existing barriers allowing participants to leave the class with concrete, innovative plans to achieve their work design goals. Breakthrough Work Design unlocks participants' creativity to generate new ideas and to pose the question, "What would it take to make this possible?" and then provides the tools to implement the answer.






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