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Extended Disc® Team Tools

Understanding your team's behavior can be the key to improvement Do you ever wonder why your team handles some tasks with enthusiasm, but sputters along on others? The answer is important. Understanding your team's behavioral style can reveal the best ways to improve its performance.

Discover how your team really works Extended DISC's industry-leading methodology lets you to see how team members work together. Its Personal Analysis Report examines each member's natural behavioral style. Its Team Analysis Report integrates that information to profile the team's overall behavior style.

Match the training to your team's priorities Our Team Tools Index incorporates the Extended DISC analysis into a practical guide for improvement. The Index's Team Analysis gives concrete advice on team development and outlines a specific course of Team Tools skill training. The progression of suggested modules builds upon your team's strengths while rapidly resolving its weaknesses. Team Tools training is available both as interactive computer-based courses and as traditional facilitator led workbooks.






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