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Leader Skills Overview
LS-100 Leader Skills - Complete Set
LS-101 Leader
LS-102 Living Example
LS-103 Coach
LS-104 Facilitator: Roles and Techniques
LS-105 Facilitator: Problem Solving Tools
LS-106 Barrier Buster
LS-107 Business Analyzer
LS-108 Customer Advocate
LS-301 Leader Skills Overhead Set (Software)
LS-302 Leader Skills Overhead Set
LS-300 Leader Skills Trainer Manual

Living Example

     Effective leaders are clear about their organization's direction and focused on achieving their vision. Leaders understand what this means for each person individually, as well as the need to model that clarity and focus. This course walks you through a strategy for living in alignment with your beliefs. Because it isn't enough to just articulate you vision, what you do and say has to demonstrate that you are eager to lead by example. If we're serious about leading change, it is critical that we do what we say is best for the organization, and that we courageously start the hard work with ourselves, even though it may feel uncomfortably risky. Our actions will say that this is so important that I'm going to start living the vision immediately. If I make mistakes along the way, it's OK. What really matters is that I've set my feet on this path. If, as an organization, we suggest that we hold certain core values, but fail to demonstrate our belief in them, we create distrust and anxiety. So we must examine our personal values, and the organization must do that too.

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