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Leader Skills

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Leader Skills Overview
LS-100 Leader Skills - Complete Set
LS-101 Leader
LS-102 Living Example
LS-103 Coach
LS-104 Facilitator: Roles and Techniques
LS-105 Facilitator: Problem Solving Tools
LS-106 Barrier Buster
LS-107 Business Analyzer
LS-108 Customer Advocate
LS-301 Leader Skills Overhead Set (Software)
LS-302 Leader Skills Overhead Set
LS-300 Leader Skills Trainer Manual

Customer Advocate

     Historically, customer-supplier relationships were often adversarial. The antagonistic nature of this connection often resulted in low trust, poor quality, missed schedules, inferior products and services, and a series of short-term affiliations with a variety of suppliers. Over time, these relationships have gradually improved to the point where excellent companies tout customer-supplier partnerships as a key competitive advantage. Their combined synergy is so strong that together they produce results far superior to those they'd achieve working independently. These partnerships share business information, economic data, long-term contracts, immediate feedback, final customers and high levels of trust. The key to building this kind of relationship with suppliers and your customers is by communicating - throughout your organization - the extraordinary benefits of a partnership approach.

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