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Leader Skills

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Leader Skills Overview
LS-100 Leader Skills - Complete Set
LS-101 Leader
LS-102 Living Example
LS-103 Coach
LS-104 Facilitator: Roles and Techniques
LS-105 Facilitator: Problem Solving Tools
LS-106 Barrier Buster
LS-107 Business Analyzer
LS-108 Customer Advocate
LS-301 Leader Skills Overhead Set (Software)
LS-302 Leader Skills Overhead Set
LS-300 Leader Skills Trainer Manual

Business Analyzer

     The role of leaders in traditional organizations has been one of functional expertise in specific work-related areas. As the paradigm shifts from high control to high involvement, their responsibilities also have shifted. Today, gathering information and increased capability in the business management side of their world occupies much of a leader's time. This need is driven largely by changes in the business environment, particularly in the area of technology. The purposes of this guidebook are to provide a structure for identifying the forces that currently affect your business, build a vision of the organization's ideal state, create a business strategy to reach that state, and build a culture that supports your vision.

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