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Team Tools Overview
AS-102 Assessing Team Leader Effectiveness
AS-103 Assessing Team Maturity
I037 Feedback Form - Assessing Team Maturity
TT-100 A Complete Set of Team Tools Guidebooks
TT-101 Creating a Team Charter
TT-102 Using Principles, Guidelines and Boundaries
TT-103 Making Group Decisions
TT-104 Building Customer Relationships
TT-105 Working with Suppliers
TT-106 Holding Effective Meetings
TT-107 Goal Setting and Measuring Results
TT-108 Giving and Receiving Feedback
TT-109 Facilitating Groups
TT-110 Team Problem Solving
TT-111 Tools for Problem Solving
TT-112 Planning for Action
TT-113 Team Communication Basics
TT-114 Building a Collaborative Team Environment
TT-115 Managing Team Conflict
TT-116 Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
TT-117 Managing Team Performance
TT-118 Selecting Team Members
TT-119 Team Member I
TT-120 Team Member II
TT-121 Trainer Basics
TT-191 Overhead PowerPoint Set - Team Tools
TT-192 Overhead Transparency Set - Team Tools
TT-190 Team Tools Trainer Manual

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

     To achieve high levels of team performance, team members must know what their respective roles and responsibilities will be. In fact, one of the leading causes of team breakdowns is lack of clear roles and responsibilities. Everyone must understand what each other has committed to do and what they can expect in terms of contribution to team result. When roles are not clearly defined, team members, in an earnest effort to do a good job, may find themselves butting heads, stepping on toes or failing to meet expectations. Therefore, time should be taken to discuss and clarify each team member's role and agree on what each member's contribution to team success. Clarifying team member roles and responsibilities is essential to a team just starting out, but can also be helpful whenever the team reorganizes, begins a new project, shift individual responsibilities, sets new priorities or needs to renew commitment to team goals.

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