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Team Tools Overview
AS-102 Assessing Team Leader Effectiveness
AS-103 Assessing Team Maturity
I037 Feedback Form - Assessing Team Maturity
TT-100 A Complete Set of Team Tools Guidebooks
TT-101 Creating a Team Charter
TT-102 Using Principles, Guidelines and Boundaries
TT-103 Making Group Decisions
TT-104 Building Customer Relationships
TT-105 Working with Suppliers
TT-106 Holding Effective Meetings
TT-107 Goal Setting and Measuring Results
TT-108 Giving and Receiving Feedback
TT-109 Facilitating Groups
TT-110 Team Problem Solving
TT-111 Tools for Problem Solving
TT-112 Planning for Action
TT-113 Team Communication Basics
TT-114 Building a Collaborative Team Environment
TT-115 Managing Team Conflict
TT-116 Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
TT-117 Managing Team Performance
TT-118 Selecting Team Members
TT-119 Team Member I
TT-120 Team Member II
TT-121 Trainer Basics
TT-191 Overhead PowerPoint Set - Team Tools
TT-192 Overhead Transparency Set - Team Tools
TT-190 Team Tools Trainer Manual

Trainer Basics

     Trainer Basics Experienced team members can be called upon to perform many different functions, including peer or group training. That can be an intimidating assignment for anyone, especially first-timers. Trainer Basics is designed to take the fear out of facilitating training. It's thorough enough to deepen the skills of any trainer, even seasoned professionals. Participants learn that they don't have to be an "expert" on a subject to facilitate effective training. They see how to prepare for successful sessions with dozens of practical tips including Room setup, Mental Preparation, Ice Breaking, and Handling Mistakes. Thought-provoking case studies highlight ways to apply training concepts in real world situations. They discover how to enrich their presentations with basic adult learning principles. They examine Disruptive Behaviors and learn how to open discussions and unlock the training experience by using the questions, concerns and challenges of course participants.

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